Subway Scam Videos Criticize Union Officials

May 31, 2018  ยท  3:39 pm

We recently released two new videos criticizing Gary LaBarbera, president of New York City’s Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC), and other BCTC-affiliated union officials for their part in hiking transit construction costs.

The first video highlights union officials for “thinking that they own New York,” despite being “part of bankrupting the New York subway.” One BCTC-affiliated official even threatens to “shut this city down” if union demands are not met.

The second video takes aim at LaBarbera’s aggressive rhetoric at a recent union rally. Even though he doesn’t actually live in New York City, LaBarbera unleashes a barrage of expletives in defense of New York’s unionized construction industry, which is partly to blame for the cost overruns plaguing transit construction.

You can see both videos here: